Jason Ledon

Electrical and Computer Engineer


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University


Amazon | Seattle, Washington

Worked as a software engineering intern building an internal tool for workcell provisioning using AWS Step Functions and Lambdas, deployed using AWS CDK, to continue the effort in the roll-out of my team’s new product infrastructure

Amazon | Seattle, Washington

Worked as a software development engineering intern in the Robotics - Advanced Technology organization, building a metrics visualization tool to aid in the roll-out and testing of my team’s new product infrastructure. All code written was hosted on AWS services and deployed using AWS CDK

Proctor and Gamble | Cincinnati, Ohio

Worked as a power control and information systems engineering intern, focusing on dynamic and scalable data visualization tools and database automation

Nucor Corporation | Decatur, Alabama

Worked as a mechanical engineering intern, focusing on projects to increase safety and efficiency in the steel mill


Consulted for SolidWorks’ certification team, providing them with feedback on how to improve their beta-stage professional – mechanical design (CSWP) and professional – surfacing (CSWP-SU) exams


Creator and Teacher of Intro to Command-line Tools

I decided to create a course to introduce the auxiliary skills and tools needed by software engineers which are often overlooked by courses in academia. This course included topics such as advanced git usage, parsing text with grep, awk, or sed, piping commands together, redirecting their output, and much more.

TA for 18-500 ECE Design Experience (Capstone)

I directly oversaw multiple groups of students throughout their final capstone project, providing guidance and input throughout its completion

TA for 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science

I co-led a recitation, offered office hours, and directly oversaw a set group of students who were assigned to me, providing guidance throughout their final project



Experience using format string vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, RoP attacks, GOT manipulation, and integer overflows to highjack control flow, despite attempted mitigations such as stack canaries, w^x primitives, and ASLR


Experience making fault-tolerant, concurrent TCP/UDP/RPC/gRPC servers handling simultaneous client requests with fairness, using PAXOS/Raft consensus protocols